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Home Rules

2013 F.A.S.T. Rules
The rules below apply for both the Kistler Racing Products Fremont/Attica Sprint Title Championship Series & the F.A.S.T. 305 Championship Series 


1. A $100.00 membership fee for 410 sprint car drivers is required to be eligible for the 2013 Fremont/Attica Sprint Title (F.A.S.T.) Championship Series point fund.  A $50.00 membership fee for 305 sprint car drivers is required to be eligible for the 2013 Fremont/Attica Sprint Title (F.A.S.T.) 305 Championship Series point fund.  All drivers with paid memberships who compete in scheduled F.A.S.T. events will receive season championship points and are eligible for the year end point fund money.  Membership fee must be paid no later than April 20th, 2013.

2. Drivers who are eligible to receive point fund money at the end of the season must have a W-9 IRS tax form filled out and submitted to FAST On Dirt Inc. in order to receive any cash/prizes at the banquet. F.A.S.T. will provide W-9 forms from the IRS.  Driver will be responsible for claiming point fund money as income on their personal taxes as F.A.S.T. will file a 1099 with the IRS for each check written.  If a Driver chooses to select another entity as the “payee” for their point fund check, that entity must fill out the W-9 form.  Division of point fund money between Driver, Owner, or any other party will not be the responsibility of the F.A.S.T. series.  One check will be written in the amount designated for the Driver’s finishing position in season points.

 3. Points will be awarded to the Driver only.  No Owner points will be kept.  If a Driver changes rides or car number for any reason during the season, the Driver maintains all points acquired up to that point.  Driver and Owner shall have their own agreement of how F.A.S.T. point fund money and prizes will be divided.  It will not be the responsibility of F.A.S.T. to determine the team structure and payment split.  Point Fund money will be paid to the entity listed on the W-9 IRS tax form. See rule #2 above.

4. Drivers must finish the event in the car that they started the night in. No “ride jumping” to another driver’s car, a team car, or a backup car will be allowed. No exceptions will be made. Driver will receive F.A.S.T. points for the event up until the time that another car is used to finish the event. Track rules allow the use of a backup car or borrowing a car to finish an event, but F.A.S.T. will only give points to the driver up until the point that the switch to another car is made in the course of an event.

4a. In the event of rain postponement of an event to a later date, F.A.S.T. does not require that the race vehicle be the exact same chassis/body/engine/car number as used when the event was postponed.  It is reasonable to expect that a different car may be used or that the driver may change teams before the event resumes on a later date.  The driver must resume the event in the same starting position posted prior to the postponement in order to receive points regardless of what race vehicle is used to compete and complete the event.

5. If a driver transfers to the A-main as an alternate due to another car scratching from the event, that driver will not receive A-main points. F.A.S.T. points will be awarded to that driver up through the B-main event. Transferring to the A-main as an alternate allows the driver to accumulate track points and purse money, but no F.A.S.T. points will be awarded to alternate starters in the A-main event.  The purpose is to deter drivers from paying off other drivers to scratch from the A-main event, allowing them to transfer as an alternate.

6. Complaints arising regarding the award of championship points or any other perceived rule discrepancy must be submitted in writing to F.A.S.T. within 10 days of the infraction.  The FAST staff will review all written complaints in a fair and objective manner. We reserve the right to investigate any and all complaints, as we deem necessary.  The F.A.S.T. organization will make a decision and all parties involved will then be notified of the decision.  All decisions will be considered final.

7. Member Drivers MUST display (2) F.A.S.T. Series decals – one on each outward facing sideboard of the top wing - during F.A.S.T. events in order to receive points, cash and prizes. A minimum of three (3) sets of decals will be provided to each team at the start of the season to all members drivers. Decals will be made available at each F.A.S.T. Series event at the Kistler Racing Products parts truck. If a driver needs more decals at any time, it is their responsibility to get them from the Kistler Racing Products parts truck or from the FAST organization.  Drivers not displaying the FAST decals by the time heat races are in the staging area will NOT receive points for the event. 

Circled to the right in red are the two optional locations where teams are required to display the decals. Please choose one or the other location. Logo placement on the inside faces of the wing sideboards or other areas of the car will not be considered acceptable and points will not be given for that event.

7b. 410 and 305 sprint car drivers who wish to be eligible for FAST Series point fund money MUST display decals of the series cash sponsors on the race vehicle during F.A.S.T. events in order to receive point fund money.  It is up to you to support the sponsors who support this series.  A list of series cash sponsors will be distributed with the decals.

8. Contingency award program decals will be distributed to all teams for placement on the race vehicle. Decals must be displayed in order to receive contingency award prizes from these companies.  Please show your support for the companies who are supporting this series.  If you do not wish to participate in the contingency awards program, please notify the F.A.S.T. staff at the time the decals are distributed and the prizes and certificates will not be distributed to you throughout the season or at the banquet.

9. Points will be tabulated based on the official posted race results provided by the track scorers unless a driver changes rides during the course of an event or enters the A-main as an alternate (see Rules #4 and #5). Disputes with event finishing order should be addressed to the track officials and not to the F.A.S.T. staff.

10. Fifty (50) show up points will be awarded to all drivers who compete in any F.A.S.T. event once motors have been fired at the direction of track officials.  No show up points will be awarded for rain outs or any other cancelation if motors have not been fired.

11. There are NO double points awarded for any F.A.S.T. Series events during double points nights at either track.  Track championship points and F.A.S.T. points are to remain separate. 

12. F.A.S.T. Rookie of the Year award winner shall be determined by the highest finishing 410 driver who accumulates the most F.A.S.T. points during their first full year in a 410 sprint car while competing for the F.A.S.T. point title. Rookie eligibility will be determined by the rules of the two individual tracks.  Rookie of the Year contestants must be paid F.A.S.T. members.  No Rookie of the Year award will be given for the 305 sprint series.

13. All Top-10 Drivers in points at the conclusion of the season are required to attend the F.A.S.T. awards banquet at the end of the season in order to receive cash awards and contingency prizes.  Please make plans in advance to attend if you wish to receive your point fund check. 

Note: Special consideration will be given to those drivers providing notification to F.A.S.T. well in advance if there is a valid reason why they cannot attend the banquet.  Drivers who do not attend the banquet and have not notified the F.A.S.T. series by the final scheduled event of the season of any scheduling conflicts will forfeit their money and prizes to the following year’s F.A.S.T. point fund.  No exceptions.

14. Situations may arise that are not precisely covered in these official rules. The FAST on Dirt, Inc. organization will make all interpretations of the rules included herein and those judgments will be final.