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2011 Results

Night #21: Sebetto Bolts to Feature Win to Claim $10,000 FAST Championship PDF Print E-mail


FREMONT, OH (9-10-11) by Scott Porter - FAST Public Relations

The curtains closed on the 2011 Kistler Racing Products Fremont/Attica Sprint Title (F.A.S.T.) Championship Series presented by Engine Pro & PAC Valve Springs at Fremont Speedway with Bryan Sebetto and the Burmeister Racing crew $13,000 richer in grand fashion with both the feature win and the 2011 F.A.S.T. Championship title. The gloomy, overcast night didn’t rain on the parade for the 28-year old Fremont native who picked up his first career championship behind the wheel of a 410 sprint car.  The Fremont Speedway crew worked tirelessly to prepare the track after a solid week of rain, forcing them to rebuild turns 3 and 4 and work the track to a smooth surface for the Championship battle.

Hot Shot Engine Heater F.A.S.T. Rookie of the Year Brad Haudenschild started the night off by posting quick time with a lap of 13.463 around the 1/3-mile clay oval. Chris Andrews and Jody Keegan won their heat races with the rest of the cars going directly into to the feature event.

Jody Keegan and Mike Linder led the field to the green flag with Keegan coming out of turn two with the lead in hand with Linder, Dean Jacobs, Craig Mintz and Sebetto in tow. The race would settle in just as Sebetto pulled past Mintz with a slider coming out of turn four for 4th. Keegan would pull out to a straightaway lead as he approached lapped traffic by the 10th circuit. Linder and Jacobs battled for second in his dust as Sebetto pulled within streaking distance.

At midway of the 30-lap feature Sebetto was directly on the bumper of the yellow #97 of Jacobs and soon would over take him for position as they passed the flag stand. Meanwhile, up front, Linder was able to pull close to battle Keegan, but an attempt at passing him would be negated by the first yellow flag for a flat tire on the #0 machine of Lee Jacobs. The running order was Keegan, Linder, Sebetto, Jacobs and Mintz rounding out the top-5. Byron Reed was found back in 11th closing the door on any hopes of back-to-back F.A.S.T. titles.

Keegan would fly out to the lead again on the restart with Sebetto making quick work past Mike Linder for 2nd-place. Within a lap Sebetto would pull his JLH General Contractors, Steven Mapus Tools, Burns Petroleum backed #16 side-by-side with Keegan. The lead would change hands out of turn two with Sebetto driving the car off the high side as he battled Keegan.  On lap 24, disaster nearly struck as Sebetto and Keegan got together at the flag stand with Keegan getting into the front stretch wall and tagging Sebetto’s right rear.  Sebetto drove away as Keegan bobbled and he never looked back.

Night #20: Sebetto Blasts to Another Attica Win and Grabs FAST Series Points Lead PDF Print E-mail

ATTICA, OH (8-27-11) by Bryan Autullo - FAST Public Relations
w/ race re-cap by Brian Liskai

As the 2011 Kistler Racing Products FAST Championship season winds down to a close, the points race intensifies to epic proportions.  With 27 FAST 410 sprints on hand at Attica Raceway Park, Dean Jacobs was sitting at the top of the standings by just 5 points over Bryan Sebetto.  2010 FAST Champion Byron Reed was lurking just a few markers back waiting to pounce.  All eyes were on the top 3 as well as Craig Mintz and Phil Gressman were in a heated battle for the 4th spot.

With just one event remaining on the schedule (Fremont Speedway on Sept. 10th), it was "go time" for these drivers to make their final bid for the Kistler Cup trophy and $10,000 top prize.  With the $3000 bonus also on the line for any driver able to win all three titles, the intensity level increased with Sebetto chasing Jacobs for the Attica Raceway Park top spot.  The stage was set for a night of dirt track drama.

When the green flag dropped on the A-main event, Todd Kane would grab the early lead with Reed, Caleb Helms, Kody Kinser, Craig Mintz and Sebetto in tow. Following a Chris Andrews crash, Mintz would drive into third on the restart. With four laps in, Sebetto would vault into the fourth position. Reed would drive under Kane for the lead on lap 12 with Mintz and Sebetto dicing it out for third. Both would drive by Kane on lap 17 as Reed caught the back of the pack.

Reed would continue to lead as Sebetto got around Mintz for second on lap 19. Helms would spin on lap 21 to bring out the caution with the running order Reed, Sebetto, Mintz, 11th starter Sam Hafertepe Jr., Phil Gressman and Kane. Hafertepe would dispose of Mintz for third on lap 23 while Sebetto began to slowly reel in Reed. The final caution would fly for another Helms spin on lap 25. On the ensuing restart, Sebetto and Hafertepe pressured Reed and on lap 27, Sebetto would drive to the high side exiting turn two to grab the top spot. Sebetto would go on to the victory while Hafertepe passed Reed on the last lap for second. Mintz and Dean Jacobs would round out the top five.

“If I couldn’t win the track championship I’m glad Dean won it…he’s one of my good buddies. We ended up second in the points here and took the lead in the FAST points…definitely needed that…that’s the one that pays the big money,” said Sebetto beside his JLH General Contractors/Steven Mapus Tools/Wendy’s Restaurant/Adkins Fence backed #16. “It’s going to be interesting at that last FAST race at Fremont. Especially the way I’ve been qualifying…I’ll probably be starting in the back of the pack.”

Night #19: Sebetto Takes Attica Win and Gains on Jacobs in Kistler Racing Products FAST Series Championship Chase PDF Print E-mail

ATTICA, OH (8-20-11) by Bryan Autullo - FAST Public Relations
w/ race re-cap by Brian Liskai

The Kistler Racing Products Fremont/Attica Sprint Title Series presented by Engine Pro/PAC Valve Springs returned to Attica Raceway Park for Night #19 on the 2011 F.A.S.T. schedule for some Saturday night action while Fremont Speedway is closed for the Sandusky County Fair break.  With the points battle getting white hot, all eyes were on Bryan Sebetto, Byron Reed, and Dean Jacobs going into the final three events of FAST competition.  Jacobs came into the night with a 15 point lead over Sebetto and a 19 point lead over Reed.

Twenty-eight teams checked into the Northern Ohio clay oval for FAST Series competition as the season winds down.  Only two more events are remaining on the 2011 schedule for these teams to gain valuable points toward the $10,000 to win Championship and the Kistler Cup trophy - one at Attica on August 27th and one at Fremont on September 10th when the 2011 FAST Champion will be crowned.

Early in the evening, Sebetto asked "Where are we in points?  I don't like to pay attention to that stuff."  When told he was just 15 points behind leader Dean Jacobs, he continued "I'm just going to go out and try to win these races.  The points will take care of themselves."  He did just that.  Starting deep in the field in his heat race event, Sebetto rocketed to the front and put on a show for the fans as he blasted around one or two cars per lap and took the lead, winning the heat.  You could see he was going to be going after Jacobs come feature time.  Jacobs also won his heat race event, and Reed finished second in his respective heat race event behind Duane Zablocki.  The top 4 drivers in each heat would redraw for starting positions in the A-main.

Duane Zablocki and Brandon Martin would lead the field to the green only to see Jody Keegan slide off of turn two to necessitate a complete restart. When the green flew again, Martin would sail into the lead with Zablocki, Sebetto, Jac Haudenschild and Dean Jacobs in tow. Sebetto would take second on lap two as Martin pulled away. The caution would then fly for a Chris Bell and Caleb Helms tangle. A lap and another caution for an Aaron Middaugh spin, then a lap and another Middaugh spin would prevent Martin from pulling away.

Night #18: Make-Up Feature Quick Results PDF Print E-mail

Night #18: Kistler Racing Products F.A.S.T. Championship Series
Fremont Speedway - 8/6/11 - 410 Sprints (26 Cars)
[#]-Starting Position

1. 51-Brad Bowman, 12.84; 2. 312-Mike Linder, 13.18; 3. 45L-Brian Lay, 13.30; 4. 5R-Byron Reed, 13.31; 5. 97-Dean Jacobs, 13.36; 6. 22-Cole Duncan, 13.37; 7. 16-Bryan Sebetto, 13.38; 8. 1X-Matt Linder, 13.41; 9. 10-Brad Haudenschild, 13.43; 10. 53-Phil Gressman, 13.43; 11. 92-Sam Ashworth, 13.44; 12. O9-Craig Mintz, 13.44; 13. 2+-Brian Smith, 13.45; 14. 83M-Broc Martin, 13.48; 15. 9Z-Duane Zablocki, 13.56; 16. 45-Kevin Lee, 13.60; 17. 60-Jody Keegan, 13.64; 18. 51C-Roger Campbell, 13.65; 19. 312X-Chris Andrews, 13.70; 20. 14H-Todd Heller, 13.71; 21. 25-Chris Myers, 13.76; 22. 48-Mike Burkin, 13.88; 23. 9W-Lance Webb, 13.99; 24. 5M-Max Stambaugh, 14.14; 25. 10X-Chris Plascak, 15.46; 26. 27-Scott Euler, 99.00

Heat 1 (8 Laps - Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
1. 45-Kevin Lee[1] ; 2. 53-Phil Gressman[3] ; 3. 2+-Brian Smith[2] ; 4. 16-Bryan Sebetto[4] ; 5. 48-Mike Burkin[8] ; 6. 312X-Chris Andrews[7] ; 7. 51-Brad Bowman[6] ; 8. 10X-Chris Plascak[9] ; 9. 5R-Byron Reed[5]

Heat 2 (8 Laps - Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
1. 60-Jody Keegan[1] ; 2. 83M-Broc Martin[2] ; 3. 312-Mike Linder[6] ; 4. 97-Dean Jacobs[5] ; 5. 1X-Matt Linder[4] ; 6. 92-Sam Ashworth[3] ; 7. 27-Scott Euler[9] ; 8. 14H-Todd Heller[7] ; 9. 9W-Lance Webb[8]

Heat 3 (8 Laps - Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
1. O9-Craig Mintz[3] ; 2. 22-Cole Duncan[5] ; 3. 51C-Roger Campbell[1] ; 4. 9Z-Duane Zablocki[2] ; 5. 10-Brad Haudenschild[4] ; 6. 5M-Max Stambaugh[8] ; 7. 45L-Brian Lay[6] ; 8. 25-Chris Myers[7]

B-Main (10 Laps - Top 5 finishers transfer to the A-feature)
1. 51-Brad Bowman[1] ; 2. 5R-Byron Reed[3] ; 3. 92-Sam Ashworth[4] ; 4. 14H-Todd Heller[6] ; 5. 25-Chris Myers[7] ; 6. 5M-Max Stambaugh[9] ; 7. 27-Scott Euler[11] ; 8. 9W-Lance Webb[8] ; 9. 10X-Chris Plascak[10] ; 10. 45L-Brian Lay[2] ; 11. 312X-Chris Andrews[5]

A-Main (30 Laps)
1. 10-Brad Haudenschild[1]; 2. 16-Bryan Sebetto[3]; 3. 97-Dean Jacobs[5]; 4. 5R-Byron Reed[9]; 5. 312-Mike Linder[6]; 6. O9-Craig Mintz[11]; 7. 2+-Brian Smith[12]; 8. 51-Brad Bowman[7]; 9. 14H-Todd Heller[16]; 10. 45-Kevin Lee[15]; 11. 48-Mike Burkin[19]; 12. 5M-Max Stambaugh[18]; 13. 45L-Brian Lay[8]; 14. 22-Cole Duncan[4]; 15. 60-Jody Keegan[20]; 16. 9Z-Duane Zablocki[14]; 17. 1X-Matt Linder[2]; 18. 83M-Broc Martin[13]; 19. 53-Phil Gressman[10]; 20. 51C-Roger Campbell[17]

Night #18 FAST Special Award Winners:
Fuel Safe B-Main Winner: #51 Brad Bowman
KSE Steering Hard Charger: #48 Mike Burkin
Weld Wheels Cool Move of the Race: #10 Brad Haudenschild
Ti22 Tough Luck Award: #22 Cole Duncan

Night #18 FAST A-Main Certificate Winners:
1st - R2C Filters, Kinsler Injections, Saldana Racing Products: #10 Brad Haudenschild
2nd - Rod End Supply, Outerwears, King Racing Products, Race Coveralls: #16 Bryan Sebetto
3rd - Competition Suspension, Zemco Headers, Race Coveralls: #97 Dean Jacobs
4th - Rocket Headers, DMI Race Components: #5R Byron Reed
5th - Rod End Supply, Keizer Wheels: #312 Mike Linder

Night #18: Rain Halts FAST Competition at Fremont Speedway During B-main Action PDF Print E-mail


FREMONT, OH (8-6-11) by Bryan Autullo - F.A.S.T. Public Relations

What started out as a wild night in heat race action with the Top 3 in FAST points involved in crashes, ended with black clouds rolling over Fremont Speedway dumping torrential rains during a B-main red flag.  The event was postponed and makeup features will be run at a later date.

In Heat Race #1, Byron Reed tagged the front stretch wall knocking the rear end out of the car.  Reed coasted around the top of turn one as Bryan Sebetto spun off the top of the track and got into the soft wall.  Reed was on the wrecker while Sebetto lined up on the tail.  This made things very interesting as the duo are chasing points leader Dean Jacobs with a slim margin between them.  Sebetto went on to transfer to the A-main while Reed made repairs to get the car back on its wheels for the B-main.

In Heat Race #3, it was points leader Dean Jacobs who averted a near disaster.  On the opening lap, Dean got tangled up with Lance Webb who drove over Dean's front end and flipped.  Jacobs was able to restart on the tail - minus a nose wing.  He went on to transfer to the A-main with an ill handling race car.

Night #17: Martin Gets Second Attica Win While Jacobs Holds Off Sebetto and Reed in FAST Points Race PDF Print E-mail

ATTICA, OH (8-5-11) by Bryan Autullo - FAST Public Relations
(w/ race re-cap by Brian Liskai)

The Kistler Racing Products Fremont/Attica Sprint Title Series returned to Attica Raceway Park for Night #17 on the 2011 F.A.S.T. schedule marking the final Friday night race of the 2011 season.  With a tight points battle raging amongst Bryan Sebetto, Byron Reed, and Dean Jacobs, all eyes were on the trio as the excitement builds going into the final stretch.  Defending series champ Byron Reed has his hands full trying to fend off veteran Jacobs and young hot shoe Sebetto to claim another title.

Twenty-five teams rolled into the Northern Ohio clay oval to try to get their share of nearly $30,000 in cash and another $50,000 in prizes at season's end in addition to the track championship point fund.  With Attica geared up for their annual fair break, the competitors will not see the Attica clay oval again until August 20th, then again on August 27th.  Only two more events remain at Fremont Speedway as well - August 6th and September 10th when the 2011 FAST Champion will be crowned.  The intensity level amongst the Top 3 for those final four events will be unmatched in Northern Ohio.

Brandon Martin, who took a nasty flip down the front stretch last Friday night after tangling with Dean Jacobs coming off of turn four was on a mission.  "This past week was rough," said Martin.  "It was a bad deal last week and it junked our (11x) car...the only thing it didn't hurt was the motor."  Martin, who has been a contender every week that he has been able to compete, could very well be sitting in the Top 3 in FAST Series points if he had some additional financial backing.  "I wish we could run this whole FAST schedule," said Martin, "but with bouncing between two teams and trying to keep things going its been real tough this year.  We can't always make it when we want to."  He added, "This FAST Series is a great deal and I wish we could be here as much as I wanted to but we just can't."

Martin and Brad Haudenschild would lead the field to the green flag, with Martin rim-riding into the lead. Brad Haudenschild, Phil Gressman, Craig Mintz and Chris Andrews would give chase. Gressman would drive under Haudenschild into second on lap two, but Haudenschild would fight back two laps later. The car on the move was 10th place starter Dean Jacobs who moved into fifth place by the third circuit.

Martin set a blistering pace, encountering lapped traffic by the eighth lap while Haudenschild and Gressman battled for second with Mintz and Jacobs right on their rear bumpers. Haudenschild reeled in Martin who was finding his way through the traffic. Martin escaped disaster on lap 10 when he tried to lap Todd Heller and they made contact, sending Martin toward the infield. Martin was able to gather his machine back up and continued to lead.

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